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ORA-07445 Error in a MERGE query

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel. This was the error that greeted me after many hours work converting some PL/SQL scripts to run as a package of functions, views and stored procedures.

My first thought was actually that something or someone had terminated my connection to the database. Given that I was working on a DEV/TEST instance, I wouldn’t necessarily have expected to be notified about a momentary disruption to service. After reconnecting and repeating the same and other queries, it became clear the only thing causing this was one of the procedures in a package I had written.

I tried a few changes without any success and then decided to call it a day, with the intention of speaking to the one of the DBAs the following day to see if they could provide any further information.

As it turned out, I didn’t have get in touch with the DBAs… The next morning they were already looking for me!

It turns out that the error which had been unexpectedly terminating my connection had been causing an access violation followed by a core dump on the server. Of course this is the kind of thing that raises all kind of alerts even on a development/test instance.
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C# Constructor Gotchas

A series of short posts focusing on some interesting aspects of constructors in C#.


In my previous employment, I was involved in the selection and interviewing of candidates applying for software developer positions. Although we already had a small set of standard technical questions which were put to each candidate during the interview, I was asked to come up with an additional set which could be given as a short written test.
I began compiling a few basic questions covering some important C# keywords such as new, using, yield, and lock. Although I had enough simple questions to use, I began to wonder whether the questions might only be useful in identifying those who had recently read through their C# textbook to prepare for such a test. Continue reading C# Constructor Gotchas

Apple’s SSL/TLS goto fail bug

On Friday Apple released a security update for iOS devices.
Their brief bulletin states that the “Secure Transport failed to validate the authenticity of the connection.”
This vulnerability leaves users of affected devices open to a man-in-the-middle attack by which a hacker could potentially intercept, decrypt and alter communication being made over SSL connections using Apple’s SecureTransport library.

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How To Add Chinese Social Media Sharing Links in WordPress Jetpack Sharing

In this post I have collected some of the sharing URLs for some popular Chinese websites.
The WordPress Jetpack Sharing Feature allows you to add custom sharing services in addition to the standard set provided. For those promoting a site which will reach a potentially global audience, you may want to add sharing links some foreign SNS services.

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Partitioned Outer Joins in Oracle

From 10g onwards Oracle has had a type of join called a Partitioned Outer Join, providing a convenient syntax which can be used to fill gaps in sparse data.
The documentation describes the result of a partitioned outer join as “a UNION of the outer joins of each of the groups in the logically partitioned table with the table on the other side of the join.”

To demonstrate what this means in practice, I will run through a simple example.

We will start with two very simple tables, products and sales, which look like this:
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iOS7 Safari default bookmarks in Chinese?

Another overly late iOS7-related post; this time it’s about the default bookmarks in Safari.

I updated to iOS7 the day it was released to the public. Like many others I sat there clicking Update in iTunes for a good two hours before getting through to to the server. Another hour and a phone reboot later and I was looking at the iOS7 that I’d already played with in beta…

But, imagine my surprise when I opened Safari and was presented with this:

iOS Safari Favourites Screen - Chinese Bookmarks

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