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iOS7 Safari default bookmarks in Chinese?

Another overly late iOS7-related post; this time it’s about the default bookmarks in Safari.

I updated to iOS7 the day it was released to the public. Like many others I sat there clicking Update in iTunes for a good two hours before getting through to to the server. Another hour and a phone reboot later and I was looking at the iOS7 that I’d already played with in beta…

But, imagine my surprise when I opened Safari and was presented with this:

iOS Safari Favourites Screen - Chinese Bookmarks

It seems from looking at the Apple support forums that I’m not the only one:

For me, it wasn’t entirely unexpected – after all I’ve had my phone running in quite a few different languages and input methods while testing the App I was involved in developing at work. I’m just guessing here, but I assume that my phone saw that I had more than one Chinese Input Method active, and decided that must be my preferred location and language for Safari, even though my phone was in the UK and set to British English at the time it updated to iOS7.

iOS Keyboard Selection

Oh well…
Anyway, all that had happened was that my Safari Bookmarks > Favourites section, which had previously been in English, had been replaced with the Chinese equivalents.

Chinese Safari Default Bookmarks

From the screen above you can click Edit and then modify individual links.

You may find it easiest to delete the default links and then add your preferred favourites. Although, for some of them it is possible to just to update the title and replace ‘cn‘ or ‘zh‘ in the URL with ‘en‘ or ‘www‘.

iOS Update Chinese Bookmarks

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