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How To Add Chinese Social Media Sharing Links in WordPress Jetpack Sharing

In this post I have collected some of the sharing URLs for some popular Chinese websites.
The WordPress Jetpack Sharing Feature allows you to add custom sharing services in addition to the standard set provided. For those promoting a site which will reach a potentially global audience, you may want to add sharing links some foreign SNS services.

Weibo (微博 – Wēi bó) is a Chinese word for micro-blogging. The sites mentioned below provide a range of services, some of which closely resemble those of Twitter and Facebook. If you plan on adding support for only one or two then Tencent is the one to focus on, with subscriber numbers and market valuation likely to overtake Facebook. A fast rising internet giant, Tencent offers a wide range of services such as web-mail, instant messaging, cloud storage, search, news, shopping, games, and more.

If you’re an iPhone/iPad user, then you may already be aware of two of the Chinese SNS companies.
From iOS 6 the Sina Weibo app received the same OS-level integration as previously enjoyed by Facebook and Twitter, providing a Weibo share icon and giving iOS developers the opportunity to integrate their apps with Sina Weibo through the Social Framework API.

iOS 7 saw the addition of Vimeo, Flickr and a second Chinese micro-blog service, Tencent Weibo, integrated into the OS and developer APIs. [link]

iOS Sharing Icons

I use the WordPress built-in Sharing control which presents a customisable list of social sharing links below each post.
Buttons for a number of major social networking services are built in as standard, and there is the option to add additional sharing buttons which can accept links via a URL.

Wordpress Sharing Settings

To add a new custom service, you will need to know the URL, and provide parameter values using the appropriate variables. You can also provide the URL of a 16×16 pixel image to be shown on the button.
(See further below for the full list.)

Adding a custom sharing service

Once you have added a new service, it will appear in the list of available services.

Available Sharing Services

Don’t worry if it isn’t displaying the icon from the URL you provided at this point. It appears that the icon for a custom service only displays correctly on the final rendered button of a published page.
In order to enable the newly added service, click and drag it into the list of enabled services.

Enabled Sharing Services

You still may not see the correct icon while in the Sharing Settings screen, and the preview displayed there may have the text and icon overlapping, but once you have applied these settings visit one of your posts, it should appear just fine.
(Note that if you are using a caching plugin to improve the performance of your site, your old posts will not pick up these changes until the cache expires or is manually cleared.)

New Sharing Service Displayed

I have tried to collect a list of some of the popular services, together with their sharing URL and a link to an icon suitable to use on the sharing button.

Sina Weibo [link] 新浪微博
Share on Sina Weibo 分享到新浪微博
Sharing URL
Sina Weibo Icon
Tencent Weibo [link] 腾讯微博
Share on Tencent Weibo 分享到腾讯微博
Sharing URL
Tencent Weibo Icon
Tencent QZone [link] QQ空间
Share on QZone 分享到QQ空间
Sharing URL
QZone Icon
Pengyou [link] 腾讯朋友网
Share with Pengyou friends 分享到朋友网
Sharing URL
Tencent Friends Icon
Douban [link] 豆瓣
Share on Douban 分享到豆瓣
Sharing URL
Douban Icon
Renren [link] 人人网
Share on Renren 分享到人人网
Sharing URL
Renren Icon
NetEase Weibo [link] 网易微博
Share on NetEase Weibo 分享到网易微博
Sharing URL
NetEase Weibo Icon

While it is relatively straightforward to add custom services as described above, testing to see that they work is a little trickier, since you will need an account to share to.
At the time of writing, most of the sites mentioned are only available in Chinese.
Renren and Pengyou require users to enter their real name in Chinese characters as one of the mandatory fields when creating an account, and Douban and Renren both use a captcha verification on their registration page which requires you to read and enter a phrase written in Chinese characters.
Tencent are the only company that seem to have set their ambition on reaching an audience beyond the Chinese-speaking world, as evidenced by their WeChat messaging app, and the option for English language menus and user interface in their Tencent Weibo app.

So far, I have only verified three of the listed URLs by actually sharing a link (Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and QZone). The URLs for the others appear to point to the right place, but I think the one for Pengyou may be wrong or incorrectly formatted.

If you happen to have an account on one of these services and are willing to try sharing this article via the buttons below, or if you know of other popular services that are missing from this list, then I would really appreciate your feedback via the comments below.

*** Update 1: After initially publishing this, I did some further testing.
It appears that a Pengyou account linked to an existing QQ number will display shared items in the Pengyou feed when they are shared through QZone. Sharing on Tencent Weibo also offers the option to simultaneously share to a linked QZone account.
I also had a further look a Renren. It took a bit of effort to create an account, due to the captcha requirement (the phrase I had to read and input was 邪魔法裤), but the text in Renren’s captcha is not as heavily obscured as it is on Douban.
The Renren sharing URL appears to work fine, but the site itself was rather slow to respond. (Being impatient and clicking the 分享 multiple times resulted in the link being shared more than once.)

*** Update 2: When I took the screenshots for this post, I was using Firefox.
When I later viewed the pages through Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer, I noticed that some of the sharing icons were not being resized to fit the button:
Sharing icon not resized to fit button
The favicon files used by some of the sites include multiple sizes of image. In order to get the sharing button for those sites to display correctly across browsers you will need to make a copy of the icon, extracting just the 16×16 pixel image, and use that rather than linking directly to the source image on the target site.

*** Update 3: One final point worth noting if you actually plan on posting to or sharing links on one of the Weibo services is regarding hashtags. Unlike Twitter, both Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo require your hashtag to be enclosed by hashes rather than just prefixed by one, for example #wordpress# not #wordpress.
If you wrote #wordpress #jetpack, then the link that is created to allow others to search on that hashtag will come out looking like this: #wordpress #jetpack.

Hopefully that’s the last update, but if I’ve missed anything or got anything wrong, then please do let me know via the comments, or directly via your choice of social platform.

Oh, and if you found this post helpful, please share it! 😉

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  1. Duncan, thanks for sharing this information! It’s really useful and will try to find and share here more information about other Chinese social media, speecially Wechat.


  2. one way to share on Wechat is just to generate a QR code of the web address. Then wechat user can simply scan it in the app and then share it.

  3. 腾讯微博 is not working, it links me to an error page. Could you please advise on this? Is there a new link for this?

    1. And, do you happened to know about wechat as well? how to do the same for wechat? Thanks

    2. When you got the error, were you trying to use Tencent Weibo sharing link in your own site, or did you try to share a link here on my site?

      It seems to be working okay at present for me.
      When I click the 腾讯微博 button on this page, it takes me successfully to the page 一键分享-腾讯微博分享组件
      If I click the 转播 button, then it will prompt me to log in in order to share the link.

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